Japan Heritage Program



In order to revitalize regional economies through our national cultural properties and cultural traditions, it is indispensable to package our tangible and intangible cultural properties with narratives based on unique regional histories and traditions that have been passed down over many generations, and seeking to utilize them, then finally in order to publicize information, offer staff training to succeed and then establish and maintain the surrounding environment as effectively as possible.

By designating our narratives telling unique regional histories and traditions as Japan Heritage, the Agency for Cultural Affairs aims to encourage comprehensive use of tangible and intangible cultural properties of our country that are fascinating and attractive by telling the narratives.

Both World Heritage registration and cultural properties designation have purposes of preservation of them after process of evaluation on the subject cultural properties (cultural heritages). On the other hand, the purpose of our designation of Japan Heritage is not to evaluate or establish regulations to preserve existing cultural properties, but to promote regional revitalization by publicizing information using local heritage sites recognized and connected among one another.